Greene County - A place to grow. The way to live.


The mission of the Department of Economic Development and Planning is to encourage new business, industrial development and the agricultural, education, and cultural progress of Greene County and to promote the orderly growth of the county through the effective formulation of policies designed to regulate land use.


  • To improve the overall quality of life for Greene County Citizens
  • To create an environment for strong families
  • To develop a viable economic environment for business
  • To develop a strong infrastructure for growth
  • To improve opportunities for cultural advancement & recreational activities
  • To build a viable workforce through the promotion of our schools
  • To increase the overall tax base
  • To provide for the orderly growth of the county

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Contact Info
229 Kingold Blvd
Suite D
Snow Hill, NC 28580
p 252-747-3446
f 252-747-3884

Misty Chase
Coordinator - Economic Dev., Planning & Grant Opportunities

Lisa Johnson
Administrative Assistant