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A Message from Sheriff Smith

I was born and raised in Greene County. As I was growing up, farming was my life but law enforcement was what I really wanted to do. At age 26, I decided to pursue my dream, and become a deputy with the Greene County Sheriff's Office. Since November 1983, when I became a deputy, I have held many positions with the Sheriff's Office. I November 1998, I became the Sheriff of Greene County, and I am currently serving my second term.

I want Greene County to be a place where people can come to live and be safe. I want to cut down on the crime and drug activity. Most importantly, I want to run a Sheriff's Office that the citizens of Greene County can be proud of.

Lemmie Smith


Contact Info
The Honorable Lemmie Smith
301 N. Greene St
Snow Hill, NC 28580
p 252-747-3411
f 252-747-5079