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District Board of Supervisors

  • Jack Edmondson, Jr. - Chairman
  • Jerry Jones - Vice Chairman
  • Rick Harper - Treasurer
  • Jack Cunningham - Member
  • Mike Hardy - Member

Soil Conservation Services

Soil Survey:
The Greene County Soil Conservation Service provides soils data on a regular basis.

USGS Topographic Map Information:
Many landowners inquire to see if "blue line streams" are present to stay in compliance with the Neuse River Buffer Rules.

FEMA Floodway Maps:
Landowners request copies of the maps that list 100 year flood plains.

Archive Maps:
The Soil Conservation Service has aerial photography dating back to the 1940's. Developers are often looking for this information for environmental reports.

Underground Tile Drainage Records:
Soil Conservation keeps engineering records on all tile drainage we have installed dated back to the 1940's.

Best Management Practices:
Information on applying and installing Best Management Practices (BMP's)

Cost Share Programs:
Cost Share Programs to Assist Landowners to Install or Adopt Conservation BMP's The NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) and the Greene County Soil And Water Conservation District are partnering agencies providing cost share programs to conserve our soil, water, plants, air and wildlife. The North Carolina Agricultural Cost Share Program (NCACSP) and Federal programs including Equal Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Emergency Watershed Program (EWP), etc provide 50% up to 100% cost share to assist landowners that desire to implement conservation practices that will conserve our natural resources.

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Contact Info
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Suite D
Snow Hill, NC 28580
p 252-747-3705
f 252-747-4257

Carl G. Kirby
District Conservationist/
Department Head

Don Smith
Agricultural Cost Share Technician

Rodney Taylor
Agricultural Cost Share Technician

Dawn Keel
District Administrative Assistance

Melissa Abbott
Neuse River Technician