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Greene County Animal Control Ordinance

Click here to view the Greene County Animal Control Ordinance (PDF)





The Animal Shelter is operated by the Greene County Health Department.  It is located at:


1985 Hwy 903 N

Snow Hill, NC  28580



Tuesday - Saturday
1:00 - 5:30 pm


Phone:  (252) 747-8184


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New Leash on Life Program

Eastern Correctional Institution in Maury recently joined the New Leash on Life program, which gives dogs that were next in line to be euthanized (put down) a chance to be trained and subsequently adopted by a caring owner or family.  Craven County served as the model for this program. 

During the 8-week program, eight inmates will train four dogs in the arts of obedience, house training, and socialization.  Inmates will work with the dogs on basic commands such as sit, stay and heel.  Inmates that work with the dogs must not have a sexual offense or cruelty to animals charge on their record.  They will be allowed to take the dogs to most places within the Institution, including the yard and their own cells.  At the close of 8 weeks, a graduation ceremony is held for the dogs.  At this time, the adopted dogs will be handed over to their new owners by the inmates that trained them.  The adoption fee for dogs that are participants of the New Leash on Life program is $125.

Currently, 9.6 million cats and dogs find themselves in animal shelter across the country.  Of that figure, only 36% will find an adopted home - the rest will be put to sleep.  One dog that goes without being spayed or neutered will be responsible for 1,680,000 offspring over a 6-year period.  Meanwhile, the burden of housing these animals and eventually putting them down falls on the burden of the taxpayer, a trend New Leash on Life hopes to reverse.

For more information about adopting a pet from this program or another pet, please contact the Greene County Health Department Animal Control Officer at (252) 747-8184.

Posted 9/25/06